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Despite being a social construct, inclusion has to occur because right now it is the only way for people with disabilities to be included in society. Laws and polices provide protections and rules society has to follow in regards to treatment … Continue reading

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Disability Inclusion

Disability inclusion is the action of including people with disabilities into everyday activities. It is achieved through practices and polices that identify and remove barriers to full participation in society. “Normal” people construct society which consists of social behaviors, rules/laws, … Continue reading

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Future America

As we come closer to the swearing in of Trump, people’s fears are skyrocketing. Trump has voiced negative opinions and intentions to oppress and persecute minority groups. It is unknown whether those statements were true or simply a method to … Continue reading

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My grandma passed away a few weeks ago. At the time I was not able to talk about it. I was having trouble expressing my emotions and it was aggravating my depression.  It reminded that it is so easy to … Continue reading

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Community Accepting Disability

The island, Martha’s Vineyard, represented how people could come to accept the disabled within their community. The community had a very large deaf population for many generations. The high rate was believed to be a inherited form of deafness. The islanders … Continue reading

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Grad Course: Intro to Disability

I am taking the introductory course for my grad program. The course is called psychosocial, cultural, and political aspects of disability. This week is about the social construction of disability. I have read writings about institutional history, the concept of … Continue reading

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DPD Community Event

Denver police had a bbq and school supply giveaway today. There was music, a dance contest, face painting, popcorn, and ice slushies. There was a K9 unit, a helicopter, incident command truck, ambulance, etc.  I enjoyed the food and the … Continue reading

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People say…

People say I’ve never gone through hell. My life’s good. I function well. I’m successful. I can’t possibly have a bad life and do well. Well, gee I must have wonderous powers of self determination and confidence. Hmm, so I … Continue reading

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The human race is capable of extreme benevolence & extreme malevolence. I help the human race because of the good it is capable of. I protect the human race against the bad in itself. I fight the bad the human … Continue reading

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