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Long Term Illness

Being sick and having a disbility is often a terrible combination. The “bug” and disability feed off each other. When you are really or sick for a long time, it is even worse. The interaction with the disability becomes debilitating.  … Continue reading

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Embodiment and Disability 

Embodiment is the tangible representation of a idea or concept such as disability. It is taking the socio-cultural concept of disability and giving it tangible form such as emotions, thoughts, and abilities. It is how society’s view of disability and … Continue reading

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First Grad Class

My first semester (introductory class) of grad school is over. It was exhausting and an eye opening experience. I learned so much about disability history, stigma, and rights among other topics. I read countless journal article and book chapters that … Continue reading

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My grandma passed away a few weeks ago. At the time I was not able to talk about it. I was having trouble expressing my emotions and it was aggravating my depression.  It reminded that it is so easy to … Continue reading

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I work with four special education students. Each has their own unique needs and issues. I have learned so much from each student. I have developed many skills and gained a lot of knowledge. I have become much more confident … Continue reading

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Disability Conceptions & Attitudes

Conceptions and attitudes towards disability has changed a lot over the centuries. The conceptions and attitudes were greatly influenced by eugenics. Eugenics is the relationship between scientific information about heredity and social policies. Eugenics was based out of and reinforced … Continue reading

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Hierarchy of Disability: Stigma

Culture and society is shaped by people’s understanding of “normal”. Normalcy is less human nature, more a societal feature. People strive for the “ideal body”, originally a mytho-poetic unattainable ideal. Over time the “ideal body” became the average and people … Continue reading

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Poster Children

Culture and society is shaped by the use of poster children. People viewed poster children as representing all people with disabilities. This assumption limited people’s understanding of disability. A limited understanding of disability opens the door for misunderstanding and stereotyping … Continue reading

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Welfare System

According to Drake, the welfare system finds pathology is the person not the status quo. The welfare system sees the person as the error/problem not the existing society. Disability is seen as a personal condition that makes you “defective” or … Continue reading

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Human Services History

The video tells the history of people with disabilities in human services. People with disabilities were treated as inferior and incapable. Demeaning labels–“imbecile”, “idiot”, and “retarded”–were used. People did not understand disability nor the potential of people with disabilities. Families disregarded institutionalized … Continue reading

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