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I started this blog to express myself, raise awareness, and provide resources on disability. More importantly it is meant to give people with disabilities a voice. Since the start of the new administration, people with disabilities and many other marginalized … Continue reading

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All for one and one for all, united we stand, divided we fall. ~ Alexandre Dumas

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Emotional Connection 

My current course has had a tremendous impact on me. The class has been very open and accepting of each other. It has allowed me to express myself without fear of stigma. The class has helped to restore some of … Continue reading

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Future America

As we come closer to the swearing in of Trump, people’s fears are skyrocketing. Trump has voiced negative opinions and intentions to oppress and persecute minority groups. It is unknown whether those statements were true or simply a method to … Continue reading

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Oppression Of All

All marginalized groups experience a lot of the same oppression. The oppression is the result of political/economic entities that form a hierarchy of social status. People are placed into class structures ranking them based on superiority and inferiority. The use … Continue reading

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Community Accepting Disability

The island, Martha’s Vineyard, represented how people could come to accept the disabled within their community. The community had a very large deaf population for many generations. The high rate was believed to be a inherited form of deafness. The islanders … Continue reading

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Grad School 

I spent months researching graduate school. There were a lot of mishaps along the way. I struggled to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and what program to do. Next week I will be starting the advanced certificate … Continue reading

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DPD Community Event

Denver police had a bbq and school supply giveaway today. There was music, a dance contest, face painting, popcorn, and ice slushies. There was a K9 unit, a helicopter, incident command truck, ambulance, etc.  I enjoyed the food and the … Continue reading

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Humans: Fragile & Resilient

Humans are full of contradictions. One of the greatest being our fragility and resiliency. Humans are the weakest and most vulnerable species as a baby. Our bodies go through drastic changes during puberty. Humans can easily break down and lose … Continue reading

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Being Yourself

People say you should be yourself. You should not worry about being judged or hated. People will accept you for who you are. Yet, when you are yourself, you are judged. No matter what you do, someone finds something wrong. … Continue reading

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