Criminal Justice

Justice, Crime, and Ethics (8th Ed.)
Michael C. Braswell, Belinda R. McCarthy, and Bernard McCarthy
Elsevier Inc: Waltham, MA (2015)

Forensic Psychology: Research, Clinical Practice, and Applications (2nd Ed.)
Matthew T. Huss
John Wiley and Sons Inc: Hoboken, NJ (2013)

PoliceOne (
The website serves as a resource for law enforcement professionals. There are news articles, training information, and research data.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
The BJS collects, analyzes, publishes information about crime, offenders, victims, and justice system operations. The data is from local, state, and federal levels.

Department of Justice
The DOJ is enforces law of the US, ensure public safety, and provides feral leadership in preventing and controlling crime. Information on agencies and resources is provided.

National Institute of Corrections
The NICIC is an agency of the US Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. The agency provides training, funding, and leadership in correctional policies, practices, and operations.


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