Life is full of experiences. Some are good, some are bad but they all have a silver lining. There is always room to grow, a lesson to be learned. I have looked at every experience I have had this way. I looked for inspirations and chances to grow in everything I do. No matter how much a experience hurt, no matter the scars it leaves, I keep moving forward.

Independent Living:
When I graduated high school I was not ready to live in student housing or independently. While I was at the community college I lived with my parents. I commuted to school via public transport. I transferred summer 2011 to the university and lived in student housing. The following semester I started a year long particpation in a college program for students with disabilities. (see support services page) Fall of 2015, I moved into a new apartment closer to work. Independent living has been a slow, continuous learning process.

I started volunteering in 5th grade. I volunteered for various organizations and other opportunities including Ronald McDonald house, animal shelter, and bake/garage sales. In high school and my first year of college I volunteered at the veterans hospital.

First Three Jobs:
I was not ready for a job as a teenager. My parents had no problem with it so I focused on school. In college my parents wanted me to work but knew I was not ready. In return I volunteered and loved it. I did not get my first job until about halfway through my undergrad. My first job was a supplemental instruction leader for my university’s freshman program. I spent two five week periods working at the campus bookstore. I spent two semsters working as a tutor at my university’s tutoring center.

Indian Reservation:
Summer of 2014, I did a internship/field experience at a reservation. We lived just outside of a major park. I spent one month as a teacher at the reservation’s summer school. I taught four first graders. We went to a local parade, a pow wow, and a traditional cultural celebration.


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