Beasties aka Fur Babies

Animals have always been a large part of my world. I learned to read by reading about animals and veterinarians. I always felt a strong connection to wolves. Looking at pictures of animals, especially babies, always comforts and calms me down. When I was little I was afraid of dogs. However, I learned that dogs were great because of my grandmas dog. I fell in love with dogs because of a family friends dog and her puppies.

I grew up with two dogs, Leonardo “Leo” and Bouncy Ball “Bouncy.” They were everything to me, especially Bouncy. Leo, a beagle mix, was sweet and patient; he adored kids. He loved the outdoors and loved to run. We once found him two neighborhoods away after he escaped the backyard. Despite his love of the outdoors he hated the rain. He would not even let his paws get wet. Bouncy, a cockapoo, was playful with a feisty streak. She loved to get into trouble that resulted in four ER trips to the veterinarian. She always calmed me down and was my confidant.

In 2013, I adopted my dog Mika “Squeka” and in 2014 I adopted my cat Francisco “Francis.” Mika is a small terrier mix. She is a sweetheart, very loyal and has a feisty streak. However, she has a lot of emotional issues stemming from a traumatizing past. Francis is a domestic mix. He is a sweetheart, a cuddler, and a brat. He loves to chew on cardboard, paper, and humans. He even plays fetch with a ball.

In mid-April 2015, Mika’s issues got worse. She needed more than I could provide. My parents agreed to take her. Since then, Mika has been thriving. The change in environment has had tremendous influence on her. My parents have been able to give her the full time care she needs. She can finally relax and enjoy herself. I visit her every 2-3 weeks, sometimes more often.


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