My Story

A nerdy, animal loving, culture obsessed weirdo that lives with her fur baby Francisco “Francis” (cat).

Over the years I have grown stronger and survived hardship. I have struggled with four disorders and various other health issues. I have survived a nasty roommate situation, a betrayal by a mentor, and a rekindling of a friendship. To this day I deal with some behaviors such as fiddling with things, repetitive talking, rocking, etc. I have found many ways to compensate for my issues. I have always loved to learn about the world about me. I learned to read by reading about animals and veterinarians. I love to be creative such as building and creating things. I started volunteering in fifth grade and my passion to help people continued. I have volunteered at the veterans hospital, a animal shelter, and various other places. I continue to move forward and strive to become the best I can be.

I graduated in May 2015 with my bachelors in behavioral science with a focus in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. I started my graduate level disability studies masters program Fall of 2016. My goal is to help the police better serve people with disabilities. I aim to achieve this goal through training the police, serving as the link between the disability community and police, and doing consulting with the police.


3 Responses to My Story

  1. Wow, you dream to be a consultant and lecturer is awesome! Way to go. 🙂


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