Long Term Illness

Being sick and having a disbility is often a terrible combination. The “bug” and disability feed off each other. When you are really or sick for a long time, it is even worse. The interaction with the disability becomes debilitating. 

I have been sick the last 10 weeks with five infections. It has been very difficult to function. The sensory hypersensitivity is even more intense. It takes little input to go into sensory overload. The processing issues are more frequent and problematic. It has gotton to the point, I can barely process information. The social anxiety is more intense. I can barely handle social interaction. I am forgetful due to extreme fatigue. I already have short term memory recall issues. It has gotten bad enough I am taking a leave of absence from work and may be dropping my grad class. 

When people with disabilities are sick, support them. Remember, a typical illness may be much worse for them. Do not compare your experiences with theirs. (ie. I’ve been really sick too.) 


About KindleHeart89

I have loved learning since I was a little kid. I adore animals and have a dog and cat. I am always observing, thinking, and analyzing. I am a graduate school student studying disability studies. My goal is to help the police better serve people with disabilities. I aim to achieve this goal through training the police, serving as the link between the disability community and police, and doing consulting with the police.
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